Wondering about food in your community? This is the place to look for answers, and to engage in a dialogue about community food.

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About Community Food Coach

Efforts to promote cultural awareness, sensitivity and inclusiveness are important steps, but ignoring the dynamics of power helps to perpetuate institutional racism.

—From Rinku Sen [Fund Racial Justice Strategies, Not Just Diversity in
    Critical Issues Forum, April 2008].

Community Food Coach explores our current food system through a racial and social justice lens. The underlying value is one of equality. It shouldn’t matter where you live, or your social class, or your ethnic background; everyone should have good food available to them in their community.  The Community Food Coach blog highlights current issues in the world of food, and shares stories that point out the power dynamics and structural racism in food access, obesity issues, and food systems change work.

This site provides a place to ponder the social, economic, cultural and policy implications of where our food comes from.  It’s also a place to articulate a vision for community food that is healthy, affordable, accesssible, tasty, and produced in a way that pays workers a living wage and protects the environment.

If you are ever wondering about food in your community, this is the place to look for answers, and to engage in a dialogue about community food.

About Me

What has made me look at these issues?
I am the daughter of a garment worker and a truck driver;
I am the product of affirmative action and a Princeton education;
I have been thinking about food and health my whole life.

My name is Arnell Hinkle, and I work as a “Community Food Coach.” My past experiences as a restaurant chef and organic farmer informed my decision to become a registered dietitian, and to pursue academic degrees in nutritional horticulture, nutrition, and public health.

I am an executive director of a national, nonprofit organization that engages communities and builds their capacity to improve the nutrition and physical activity status of low-income adolescents of color. Over the past 15 years, I have worked with hundreds of urban and rural, ethnic-specific community-based organizations, providing training, technical assistance and advocating for the right of low-income communities in general, and youth, specifically, to have access to safe, affordable, culturally-appropriate and healthy food and physical activity environments.

I speak nationally and provide consultation to foundations, policy makers, and community based organizations on issues related to adolescent nutrition, health disparities, and environmental and policy strategies to improve food and physical activity environments in underserved communities. I am the recipient of the 2007 American Public Health Association’s Mary C Egan Award for outstanding contributions and service in public health nutrition; a 2005 Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Study Center Residency; and a 2003 Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leader award. I am currently a Kellogg Foundation Food and Society Policy Fellow.